Dear Valued Customer,

We are monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) event and its impact in our community.  The health and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority during this time. While we cannot control the severity or unpredictability of this virus, we can take preventive measures to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19.  Please review the COVID-19 Precautionary Protocol below. We will be implementing this protocol immediately until further notice.

We encourage our customers to let us know in advance of an appointment if there are any concerns or they would like us to take special precautions. We will continue to closely monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus and act accordingly.

COVID-19 Precautionary Protocol

Management Commitment:

  • Communicate the latest COVID-19 developments to employees on a regular basis.
  • Work with customers to reschedule or adjust appointment times due to quarantined family members.
  • Increased monitoring of employees to include more frequent conversations with them to assess them on a person to person basis.
  • Provide masks that are not N95 compliant but have the benefit of not relying on the employee to remember to cover their mouth in the event they cough or sneeze during the appointment.  
  • Training employees on COVID-19 preventative actions as laid out below.  This includes handwashing techniques.

Employee Commitment:

  • Will stay home if exhibiting signs of illness.
  • Will remove shoes upon entering the home.  Clean socks will be worn during the cleaning.  Socks will be changed between houses.
  • Will wear face masks during the appointment.  Facemasks should be in place before entering the residence.  This will prevent the employees from touching their face during the appointment.
  • Will wear hair covering during the appointment.
  • Will wash their hands upon entering house using the protocol below, dry their hands with paper towel, put gloves on and will continue to wear gloves during visit.  Gloves will be changed when soiled or torn.  
    • Handwashing protocol:
      • Wet hands and forearms with hot, running water and apply soap.
      • Scrub lathered hands and forearms, under fingernails, and between fingers for at least seconds.  
      • Rinse thoroughly under warm running water for 5-10 seconds. 
      • Dry hands and forearms thoroughly with single-use paper towels.
      • Put on gloves.  
      • Repeat whenever changing soiled/torn gloves and facemasks, after using the restroom, after touching the face, after eating or drinking and after handling money.
  • Employees will use vacuum provided by the homeowner.  Homeowner:  Please make sure that they vacuum is out where the employee can find it and is in working order.   Please ensure that the bag/container is empty.
  • Will avoid touching their face during the appointment.
  • Will practice “social distancing” as much as possible.
  • Cloths, re-useable mop-heads and cleaning utensils are to be clean and sanitized before each use.
  • Disposable mop-heads, sponges and scrubbers will be used limited to one-time use only and used only if necessary.  
  • Special attention will be paid to disinfecting doorknobs, light switches, tables and countertops.

Thank you for your business and stay safe.