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Our fee will vary based on size of home or apartment, package selection, and any custom requests.

Regular Cleaning

Our mid-level package includes the following services:

  • Vacuum carpeting

  • Vacuum & wash hard surface flooring

  • Dust & wipe all furniture

  • Dust items on furniture and lampshades

  • Scrub and dry sinks, showers, and fixtures

  • Clean the interior and exterior of toilets

  • Clean mirrors, and glass surfaces (windows not included)

  • Wipe ceiling fans (if accessible), hanging light fixtures, and vents.

  • Vacuum tops of drapes or valances

  • Wipe baseboards

Move Out Cleaning

Our highest-level package. We recommend this package at least once or twice a year, and is a great “kick-off” to our cleaning services. Includes the following services:

  • All services from “Gold” Package

  • Wipe doors, door frames, door knobs, and light switch plates.

  • Wipe and wash refrigerator interior

  • Clean kitchen appliances, including microwave, oven, and dishwasher

  • Wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinets (interior & exterior)

  • Clean garbage disposal

  • Disinfect Garbage Cans

  • Clean door and window tracks

We offer our clients exceptional cleaning. Hear what our clients say about us!

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  1. Diego Montemayor 6 Sep 2019 at 10:57 pm - Reply

    This is absolutely the cleanest job I have ever had. Strongly recommended not only for their services but for the quality overall.

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